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  • We offer a service that is focused on your comfort and peace of mind
    • If your plane leaves at 5am and you want to be there at 3am
      • You are given a pick-up time that gets you there at 3am
      • Not between 2am and 3:30am like some services
      • We don’t make multiple stops picking people up along the way. This ride is for you and your group only.
    • If your plane lands at 9:20pm
      • We will monitor the flight and be sure we are at the airport waiting for you at the baggage area when you exit.
      • If your flight has been delayed or early, we will be there when it lands.
      • If you miss your connection home, be sure to let us know ASAP and we will work out an alternate pick-up date/time.
    • How do you know we will be there on time
      • Communication is the key
      • You will receive an email the day before confirming your pick-up info
      • If you are heading to the airport, you will receive a text 60 minutes prior to your pick-up time letting you know we have checked the status of your flight and that it is on time and we are on our way to pick you up.
    • Are tips part of the fare?
      • I rely on tips to keep my pricing below my competition. If your budget does not allow it or my service is below your expectation then a tip is not expected. My rides are based on a bid rate of between $50 & $75 per hour (vehicle dependent) from the time I leave my shop in Blaine and then return. A one hour ride for you means 2.5 – 3 hours for us. I hope the service we are providing makes your trip a little easier and safer. Tips are graciously accepted and will allow me to keep my rates below my competitors pricing for a similar service.
    • Do you allow pets on your shuttle?
      • I love having pets and don’t charge extra for them.
      • If your pet makes a mess, you will be responsible for the cost of cleaning it up or repairing anything damaged.
    • Why do you charge extra for bad weather reservations?
      • If you book your trip at least 5 day’s in advance there will be no extra charge if the weather turns bad on the date of your trip.
      • If however, you are booking last minute (less than 5 days) and there is a scheduled snow or ice storm the day of your travel I do reserve the right to increase my fares by as much as %60. These trips can often take 2 times longer to complete.

Discounts Offered
Right now my pricing is well below any of my competitors so I cannot offer any discounts.

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